Metallica - The WorlWired Tour

Monday 12 February 2018

12/02/2014 | METALLICA


Opening Ticket Office: 16:00
Opening Doors: 18:00
Kvelertak On The Stage: 19:50
Metallica On The Stage: 21:00

There will be some special bus (675 Line) during the days of the show (12 and 14 february), from Bologna Central Station to Unipol Arena, and, after the end of the show, from Unipol Arena to Bologna Central Station.

From Bologna Central Station (Stop I, Viale Pietramellara): from 17:00 to 20:00, every 15 minutes.
No intermediary stops.

From Unipol Arena to Bologna Central Station (Via Gino Cervi, in front of entrance number 10 of the Arena): no timetable yet (but I asked right here on this post).
There will be some intermediary stops (if requested): Ospedale Maggiore, San Felice, Marconi, Piazza dei Martiri, Amendola. Then Bologna Central Station (terminal).

The tickets (roundtrip) cost 5 euros, they are valid only for the 675 Line, and you can buy them in every TPER sell point in Central Station, Autostazione, or Via Marconi 4 (in Bologna), or at the TPER sell point of Imola’s Autostazione.
You can also buy the tickets (at the same price) inside the bus, by asking the driver.